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Fortnite's Tweet of Global launch Date of Android Pre-Register Now!

Important Information:- "Fortnite's Devlopers tweeted on thier official Twitter Handle & Revealed the official Launch Date of Fortnite Android" This is Just a rumor & someone make this Fake Tweet's ScreenShot to create this hype So Don't Trust on this type of Fake Rumors.
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Shadowgun: Legends Game for Android/iOS | Pre-Register Now! | Best Online FPS Game of 2017-#Gameplay

Shadowgun Legends Legends has just received its first beta, and the game is simply amazing, it will certainly be the best FPS game of 2107, the game joins a beautiful graphic part with consoles physics, at one point you may think you are playing Destiny 2 on your mobile device, but no, you're playing a beautiful piece of art called Shadowgun Legends!

In this beta the game is weighing less than 500 mb, which means that there is still much to come and add in the final version as improved graphics, and much more additional content.

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So, are you ready to play Shadowgun Legends? then pre-register for the beta just below.

Video With Gameplay:-
Some ScreenShots:-

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